Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello friends.
I just wanted to let you all know that our big old wonderful, slightly goofy, St. Bernard died this morning and is resting under one of her favorite spots in the yard. Some of you knew her and a few of you never had the chance to meet her. She was 14, a very very very old age for a ST. B. I had Georgia about 13 years. She was a marvel with the kids when they were young. Eli was only 6 months old when we got her and everyone said we were crazy. I believe some animals come into our lives for a very specific reason. Angles in disguise. Georgia saved Eli from choking to death when he was just barely a year old. When he was walking and would bolt toward the street she took off running with me and usually reached him first snagging him by the seat of the pants or back of the shirt. She never left a mark on him. When Adam would go sledding on the hill out front she was always grabbing the hood of his coat to 'rescue' him if he went down on his belly. No kids face down in the snow on this dogs watch! Big as she was, she loved to ride in the truck. She traveled all over with me to where ever I was headed. She picked up the kids at school or waited on the front porch for the bus to come by and drop them off. She moped the first day of school every fall. As she aged she was not quite as quick and a bit unsteady on her feet sometimes. She starting laying right by the door or near the outhouse so she could she see the front and back doors at the same time. Ever the guard dog. As the farm grew and our visitors become more and more she took on the job of being a hundred pound one dog welcome wagon. When my handicapped kids are here she would lay in the barn isle and keeps watch over everyone. This seemed important to her so I let her. Most of you know my 'no dogs in the barn' rule because of our mule. She was just so old and so tired and ran out of steam. Really, could we ask more of her? I don't think so but I will surley miss her.