Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Post From Shannon

Recently Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary took in a young Saddlebred mare from a kill pen in central NY. We got a call from a friend in the area who spotted the sad emaciated mare among the other horses all destined to be shipped to Canada for slaughter. After much juggling of horses and careful planning we were able to commit to take the horse in. A private party (my wonderful Mom)! paid the horse's ransom to free her from the kill pen. This was done in honor of her mother who recently passed away and loved animals. It was a big surprise but a very welcome one. We named the mare Simone after my grandmother. Our group of handicapped young adults who helps out at the farm with volunteer work surprised me again by raising the money needing to cover the fuel to haul Simone home. Another friend donated some meds she we need. So far Simone has lots of friends and she needs every single one of them. Simone was a 1 on the body scoring chats. So thin you could see her ball joint in her hip rotate when she walked. Her face had been peeled off when a halter several sizes too small was removed. Her beautiful long red mane was tangled and full of snarls and knots. Her rotten fungus covered hide hung on her bones like a wet smelly blanket. To make matters worse for her, once we got her home we discovered it seems she has been beaten. Simone is safe now and will recover to be a lovely mare who will hold her head up proud once again. it is going to be long and very expensive road. This is where she needs the help of all her friends. We are asking everyone to post this at any message boards you might frequent, in your blogs, or on your favorite chat rooms. We are asking people to send a get well card to Simone with a single $1 bill inside. Cards can be sent to Simone @ Double L 9 Tilford Rd. Argyle, NY 12809. Thanks for the help,Shannon and Simone

PS-On a much happier note we would like to share with you all that our much loved Isaac, the TB gelding we rehabbed from the Paragallo case (Center Brook Farm/Paraneck Racing Stables) has been adopted and is going into law enforcement! Officer Williamson of the Roxburry NY police department came and tested Isaac and agreed he has the stuff police horses are made of. Isaac will do mostly parade work and PR and since he is such a ham and loves attention it will be a perfect second career! Isaac during testing. Flag in face with light and sirene and car horn going! Officer Williamson just dismounted from his back.