Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines!! and Presidents!!!

Valentines Day is 7 days away. There is still time to get your Valentine a special gift that he or she will always remember. How about giving a Valentine's Card to the Horses of Double L Stablein honor of your favorite Valentine? And to top that off!! He or She could win a $25 gift certificate to Tractor Supply. The catch (there's always a catch right) well in your card to the horses include a President. A PRESIDENT?? Well February is not only the month to think about Cupid. But we also celebrate President's Day... So how about a George Washington, or an Abraham Lincoln? Hey an Alexander Hamilton or an Andrew Jackson would not be turned away!! Send a card with your chosen president inside. and the cards will then be placed in a bucket. The winner drawn and a lucky Valentine will receive a $25 gif certificate to Tractor Supply Company. Our address:

The Horses of Double L Stable

9 Tilford Rd.

Argyle, NY 12809

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