Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vermont is closed!!!!

this post is copied and pasted from myadoptiongeography blog. And written for both blogsites. Just did not want to confuse anyone when reading. Ann and Brian are me and my fiance who have been friends with Shannon and Aaron for going on 9 years.

Hoping to recover the photos from my disk and maybe eventually post Vermont photos here!!!

With all due respect to all those Vermonters and New England folks reading I must say phooey! Brian and I have just returned from what is hopefully our last vacation as a family of two. We went to visit our friends from "upstate" New York, Argyle to be exact. Well Brian has been waiting and we have been all just ranting about some things that can be found in Vermont so we scheduled a day to "visit." We found ourselves in what can only be likened to a Griswold adventure in Vermont. There should have been a moose at the Welcome to Vermont sign that said "Sorry folks Vermont is closed on Tuesdays.... and some attractions are closed for the season." We never even gave most of this a thought. Off we went on an hour trek from Argyle to the Vermont Border. The first (and only productive stop) was the Chocolate barn. Here we indulged in way too much sugar and spent a kazillion dollars on chocolate and maple candy. Then off we race for "The Cheese House" only to find a sign in the window that says CLOSED ON TUESDAYS!!! So we are a bit bummed but its just cheese right. So we go of for a light lunch. Next stop..... Hemmings Motor News and Museum. Brian is an avid car fanatic and there is a Mustang (a Shelby GT) on display here. I have stopped on my way to Dog Camp and have told him about the place and he has been jonesing to go. But alas this too was not meant to be.... As the sign in their window said CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!! The gas station and garage were open for business. I said I was going to walk in and ask if there was any way we could just quickly walk through, but everyone else including Brian just said phooey. So since we are already in Bennington lets go see the revolutionary war memorial. Ok cool...... CLOSED FOR THE SEASON..... At this point we say phooey to everything else and just hit a few local stores. Since everything else is closed. Well one thing Shannon and I enjoy doing is thrift shopping. Ok cool there is a thrift store right on our way home and we KNOW there is a bathroom there and everyone's legs are kind of crossed by this time. So we stop....... BIG SIGN on front of door..... NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS!!! At this point we just all explode in unstopable laughter. There may has well have been a closed on TUESDAYS sign on the door. So we go down the street to the Dunkin Donuts The women's room is LOCKED and no one is in.... So Shannon has Aaron stand guard and uses the men's room. Well she inadvertantly locked the door from the inside and now BOTH bathroom doors are locked!! Aw forget it I was not waiting in line to ask for a key so we head off. Now remind you we are in VERMONT... The night before we were sledding with the kids and Ripley decided to find his herding instinct. He herded the blow up snowtube straight down the hill grabbed it and POP.... That was the end of the snow tube. So I said I would buy a new snow tube. We are in Vermont there is snow and hills everywhere!! Should be easy right? NOT!!! No snow tubes or sleds of any kind to be found in the state of New York or Vermont. Guess the kids there need some cardboard boxes. With tales tucked we head home. Shannon runs a Horse Rescue and she always takes the time to stop in at local shelters when she passes any. Especially if they are small and private run. So we pull up at 3:30 in the afternoon to Second Chance Dog and Cat rescue which I think was somewhere just outside of Arlington before the Vermont/NY state line. Well the big red white and blue open sign was still out front so we pull in to the small front lot. As we do a woman walks out. Shannon gets out greets the woman as the woman proceeds to remove the open flag and tell Shannon in a pretty gruff voice.... "we close at 3:30 on TUESDAYS!!! Shannon asked if she could just take a quick look around. Which was met by a stout NOPE you can come back tomorrow.... OK no donation for you. So sad maybe we both would have left a few bucks donation for this small facility!!! Not a good way to do business.Anyway we head to the Vermont border. I ask to stop and get a photo of the Vermont sign so I can photo shop it and put a closed sign through it or something appropriate for our day. We do,I stop, no big deal. But once I got back to the house to try to download the few photos I actually did get for the day...... ALL THE FILES ARE CORRUPT!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASo much for our day in Vermont..... I will try a few things to repair the photos but I am not promising anything. Next time Brian goes with me to visit We will call the STATE of VERMONT first and ask if by any chance the borders are CLOSED for the DAY. Maybe the whole state of Vermont went south for the winter!!!!!

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