Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its Cold here

First Some PHOTOS then a story............

Willie very curious about the new dog

Ghengis the Turkey (remember him? he was pardoned on Thankgiving Day)

It looks beautiful but it is still COLD!!!

This photo was a jump out of the truck shot..... The sun was at the right spot and we were in the right location to capture it after yelling STOP STOP I am getting out!!!

Now the Story
AS I write this I am 700 miles south of Argyle. It is 10 degrees out here so I can only imagine what frigid tundra Argyle is experiencing. As noted in the post below Brian and I traveled to Argyle last week to spend a few days with Shannon and Aaron on the farm. (well mostly in front of the fire!!) But I did manage to snap some cool horsey photos! Which I was able to save. I was also able to save the few photos I took in Whitehall. Yes home of BIGFOOT. Brian (Ann's fiance0 is very intrigued with BIGFOOT. When Shannon and Aaron first moved to Argyle we went on a bigfoot hunt!! Night Vision goggles and all. It ended with Shannon and Brian racing back to the house as they got spooked by a mysterious whoooop whoooop noise in the woods. Was it Bigfoot?? We may never know!!!!

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