Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Kelly and Gingus Turkey have
been granted pardon on this Turkey Day
Residents at Double L Stable have
his to say about this day ....................
" EAT TOFU rkey"

The last few weeks have been busy at Double L Stable. Winter has arrived not quite with the usual vengence but there has been snow and ice on the ground and many cold frigid days. The barn has received a new member into the bunch. An Arab cross originally named Flame has come from the Pennsylvania ASPCA to his perminant residence at the sanctuary. We hope Flame has many many happy years with the sanctuary and becomes just as spoiled and loved as the rest of the residents.

The sanctuary is involved in many activities for the community. We have several groups who come as volunteers at the barn. Most of these groups are made up of adolescents who for varied reasons are in need of social rehabilitation. This rehab starts with the horses. They interact on a weekly basis, not only caring for the horses directly, but learning the responsibilities and discipline involved in caring for animals. The unconditional love is shared from human to horse many times over through the eyes and hearts of these kids. Next week some of the kids will be honored to take part in a newspaper article which runs yearly for the rescue. This article allows the Argyle community to learn more about Double L Stables, but it also kicks off their Annual Christmas Card fundraiser. Each year hundreds of cards pour in from all over the United States with donations of $1,$5,$20, or more. All with cards directly addressed to the horses. This money helps keep hay and grain in the barn during the winter months. If interested cards can be addressed to:

The Horses of Double L Stable Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

9 Tilford Rd

Argyle, NY 12809


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes that is Aaron!! Cool photo... But I am a bit biased.

For three years now Aaron and Shannon have had the awesome opportunity to travel to Calgary, Canada for a raliroad spiking contest. So on Friday September 26 The farm was entrusted to Gail, the kids to their Aunt Gina and Nonni. (ok I will really need the spelling here) Then off for four days. Aaron has been working the railroad for many years. He took a hiatus from the railroad for a few years after an on the job accident. Shortly after movign to New York he found himself again back on the railroad. As soon as I talk to Shannon I will post how the trip was and how the competition went!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Open House Saturday October 4!!

This Saturday Double L Stable will be open for barn tours. Our resident horses will be more then delighted to welcome all visitors. Guests are welcomed to come and bring a picnic lunch, tour the barn, learn our stories, or just hang out for a day on the farm. We are asking a $6 donation on arrival per person. Proceeds will all be used for the horses daily care, nutrition and or vet bills. Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Veggie Expo come meet us!!

Veggie Expo was a success. Thanks to this expo we were able to raise money to save a horse from slaughter. This is our goal for this fundraiser. LAst year we were able to save a horse named "GIMME THAT WINE" This horse's photo was displayed at the expo. The horse that will be saved from this years efforts will be displayed on future fundraising outings and at the next veggie expo. We were able to meet many people and make some good contacts. But this was a very very long day. Shannon

Come meet us at the EXPO. On Saturday September 13. Shannon and several barn helpers (and weather permitting some of the residents of the farm) will be exhibitors at the New York Vegetarian Expo in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is the second year they are participating. They use the day to inform EXPO attendees about the farm, and As a day of fundraising. If you go tell them you saw this brand new posting. Shannon will be overjoyed to hear people have heard about the farm and the expo by way of our blogging. I will be there in spirit.(take note of the sweatshirts the girls will be wearing) While I take no credit for the shirts in any way... I did however take some of the photos that are on the shirts!! Again my way of participating from 350 miles away. Take some time to look at the Veggie Expo website!!!

Post One

Ok so I am not really Shannon.... But since I live so far away from her now I can not help with day to day operations of the farm or the horses. So for the last 4 years I have been the photographer, and the poster of photos on the petfinder website. Now I have become addicted to blogging and I can help the stable in another new way. Once I get this up and running I will add pictures and links to other great stuff. And can keep the world updated as to what Shannon and Aaron are up to on their farm.